LinkedIn Profinder Solutions

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ExecuClass is meticulous about creating value for every single client we partner with.  That’s why I serve as your key business partner.  This is a high-engagement service, where I work exclusively 1-to-1 with you. 


As part of our commitment to quality, service, and industry standards, we feel it’s important you know exactly the level of care and detail we provide as part of our projects.  Our tailored service provides clients with the flexibility to invest in the right product for them.



LinkedIn Profinder "REVISION"  Projects:

Addition of current (1) position

Restructure résumé to include standard elements (introduction, skills, employment, education)

Develop new brand-specific high-impact introduction paragraph (not vague, specific to your background with metrics)

Develop 9 pivotal strengths

Content and keyword assessment for newly written areas

Inclusion of committees/memberships/awards/certifications section (if applicable)

Remaining positions edited for spelling/grammar only

Phone interview session: 20 minutes

Product delivery session:  5 minutes


Eligible projects

*Must have a prior functioning résumé with content to be eligible for this "REVISION" service.

**Quotes are provided in advance, and we reserve the right to modify them if project scope changes.



LinkedIn Profinder "REBRAND" Projects:

Realign market strategy across all areas of résumé, rebanding entire resume up to ExecuClass standards

Addition of current / previous employer

Addition of pivotal strengths section

Content and keyword assessment

High-impact paragraph, with key metrics and personal branding statement

Positions are rewritten for maximum influence

Inclusion of committees/memberships/awards/certifications section (if applicable)

Bullets redefined/rewritten for leverage/hand-selected for impact, relevancy, and branding

New information developed for all appropriate areas of résumé

Targeted company/positions researched

Extended phone interview:  45 minutes

Product delivery session:  15 minutes


Eligible projects

*All projects are custom quoted to ensure you pay only for your particular career development .