Executive Search Agency Partner

─ExecuClass partners with top-tier Executive Talent Firms, and are pleased to announce our partnership with Adams Executive Search Agency, specialists in Financial Search Recruitment.─

“Established in 1983, Adams, Inc. is a privately held, national search firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of qualified executive professionals in the banking, credit union, general financial, payments and trust industries.  Another service we offer is that we act as a liaison between buyers and sellers of banks, trust departments, and insurance agencies for merger discussions.  The third service we offer is a wide range of banking consultant services.  We believe we can bring extra value to owners and stockholders of financial institutions in addition to our regular executive search activities.” – Adams, Inc.

 Visit Executive Search Agency of Adams, Inc. Financial Recruiting website for detailed information:   


Job Seeker Links: Adam’s Inc. Open Positions  and Adam’s Inc. Speed Lead Notification Service

Adams Executive Search Consultants