Executive Resume Services

ExecuClass Executive Resumes and Branding is an executive resume services and branding agency for C-Level Executives, Senior Leaders, as well as HNW, VIP, and High Profile Public Brands.  Executive and professional branding from Executive Resume Services, Search Engine Optimized LinkedIn Profile, Executive Biographies, and Cover Letters.  Your brand is personally created by Debra Porter, The Brand Whisperer.  Our process is unparalleled and embodies the highest level of communication and partnership, translating into the highest caliber career reflection document for you.

Our Executive Resume Services are for individuals who have reached a minimum career distinction level of Mid-Corporate, with a minimum of $150K annual earnings history.

  • Executive Resume Services Project Levels:  Select from our Resume Rebrand Service, Resume Full Development, 72-Hour Reformat and 1-Position Update Service, Internal Employer Promotion Submittal Resume,  HR File Inclusion Resume, Business Owner to Corporate Conversion Resume, or Business Owner Marketing Document Resume.
  • ATS Optimization:   Many corporations use an ATS system to screen, assess, evaluate and select candidates for further screening.   Our resumes are optimized, with appropriate keywords and content to assist with the ATS process.  We are also SEO Certified at an Expert Level, the only CPRW Certified Writer with an SEO Credential.
  • Presentation/Branding:  We create professional presentations with an executive flair to draw readers in, define your value and immediately call attention to your most accomplished background.
  • Branding Session / Product Delivery:  We provide a branding session to uncover additional brand emphasis, and we deliver our products through a personal product delivery session.
  • Resume and Strategic Cover Letter:  Fresh, calibrated, strategic wording.
  • Advanced Strategy:  As an Industry Influencer and Top Regarded Professional Resume writer, we author very strategic, highly effective strategies, employing the most advanced strategies to execute en point brands.
  • Confidentiality:  All client projects are held in the strictest confidence.
  • LinkedIn Profile:  LinkedIn profiles are SEO optimized, and we utilize advanced formatting, keyword placement, and any additional branding elements.  We are the only Certified Professional Resume Writer who is also SEO Certified.