We do not offer guarantees.  At ExecuClass, we believe that those who do offer guarantees work more on volume than quality.  Some companies will offer a guarantee (with extremely tough criteria to meet the guarantee), and these are usually resume mills that operate for volume, versus for quality; and therefore, they have developed their business plan to expect quality issues. 


ExecuClass operates on quality and not volume.  We have built our business on quality standards and ethics, yet we are realistic to know that finding employment is dependent upon many factors, can be challenging, and some candidates are in highly competitive fields or positions, and that naturally, some candidates simply are not the top contenders, and that a resume may not overcome specific or all candidate deficiencies, or alignment to a job posting.


Successful job searches and employment offers depend on a culmination of many factors such as:


  • client’s career background;

  • client's direct match to position announcement title in respect to position titles held;

  • information provided during employment application process;

  • ability to follow online application submittal instructions;

  • ATS functionality, algorithm, and unique employer-specified preferences;

  • Suitability and match for applied positions;

  • background information;

  • geographical location(s);

  • validity of position (many employers are starting to post requests for applicants to build candidate bases);

  • type of position or field;

  • number of applicants;

  • employer preferences both transparent and nontransparent;

  • for internal promotions, employment history, performance, and business relationship;

  • recruiting skill level and resources utilized to identify candidates;

  • interview skill and interview processes;

  • education;

  • criminal background and/or financial profile (candidate data may be available through general internet search)

  • dedication to job search and submittal process;

  • networking;

  • as well as other supporting activities.


The job search is not solely dependent on our efforts, nor solely dependent on any résumé, and therefore we offer no guarantees.


The Dolce Agency, LLC and The Dolce Agency, LLC dba ExecuClass Professional Résumés and Executive Branding offers no guarantee or warranty, implied or otherwise.  Additionally, the Dolce Agency, LLC and The Dolce Agency, LLC dba ExecuClass Professional Résumés and Executive Branding disclaims and is not liable for misrepresentation of any information provided by the client; inclusion or exclusion of information; client's job search; employment and/or interview results; loss of opportunities or incidental damages.