ExecuClass provides 2 options for your Confidential Consultation.

Option 1:  Call in for your no charge 20-minute consultation.  We’ll discuss your needs, and you can find out about our process.  Quotes available in this session with an up-to-date resume submitted to us prior to the call.

Option 2:   This is a 45-minute consultation, $125 fee.  We discuss in additional detail anything extra you would like us to know or make a recommendation on, and we present you with our specific project direction and strategy.  

As a dedicated partner to our clients, we take time getting to know our clients.  The result is a master-crafted resume that truly reflects you as a professional, market-ready and competitive individual while capturing your personal brand.                                                              

100% Confidential.  Personal.  Insightful.
─Please call me directly with your questions.  As The Brand Whisperer, I create strategic compelling brands.─
Find our more of what I can do for you!
Office Phone:  (480) 422-9770  


ExecuClass does not provide consultation services, general information, or quotes for any 3rd party caller
While we appreciate all inquiries, we are unable to speak to anyone except the actual prospect.  If you are calling on behalf of someone who does not have the time to call us, then most likely they will find it very difficult to meet our high-engagement requirements.  Please provide your friend, relative, co-worker, spouse, or colleague our information and have them call us directly.