This is a valuable session, where we discuss your needs.  We find out exactly what challenges you have been facing with your current documents and search, and/or what your goals are, we will review your resume and online profile, and present you with our specific project direction and strategy.  It’s important to know exactly what your writing partner is going to do for you.

As a dedicated partner to our clients, we take time getting to know our clients.  The result is a personally crafted resume that truly reflects you on a professional, as well as personal level.


100% Confidential.  Personal and Insightful.
Speak 1-to-1 Directly with Debra, The Brand Whisperer, who is Your Personal Brand Strategist!

What We May Cover in Consultations:

  • Discuss any special concerns or sensitive situations you may have
  • Review your resume and online LinkedIn profile
  • Provide oversight of the immediate value we can bring to your documents and search
  • Assess background, understand your goals, and present you with our strategy
  • Coordinate project requests with current turnaround time frame and expectations
  • Provide you with a tour of our business and answer your questions
  • Provide you with a start-to-finish process overview to acclimate you with the process