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 Debra Porter is a top industry authority, multi-certified executive resume writer, and a go-to resource for executives.

ExecuClass services are highly collaborative, and Debra Porter works directly one-to-one with every Executive and Career Professional

to deliver the most influential and results-generating strategy for executive resume writing and LinkedIn profile services.  

ExecuClass holds leading credentials certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers, the Jay Block Companies,

and Global Certification Boards.  


-Board Resumes/BOD; Highly Competitive Positions; Corporate C-Suite Executives

-Executive Resume Writing for all C-Suite Positions (CEO, CFO, COO, CCO, CMO, CBO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, and more)

-Next-level Career Advancement Writing Services, and Multi-position up from AVP to CEO, VP to CEO and President to CEO

-Executive Resume Writer for Specialty Sales Positions such as Healthcare, CPG Sales Professionals, Technology and Biopharmaceutical Sales Representatives

-Leaders of $1B+ P&Ls, Retail Executives, Communications Executives, 

-Internal Promotions across all Industries 

-Business Owner to Corporate Transition

-HNW Brands($250K-$30MM+ Brands)

-File Inclusion Resumes, Resumes for Mergers & Acquisitions


-Executive Resumes:  $2789-$3989

-Senior Non-Executives:  $1489-$2289

-LinkedIn Rebranding:  $789-$989

-Executive Bios:  $989-$1489