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I’m Debra Porter, Founder and President of ExecuClass Professional Resumes and Executive Branding and Executive Management and Leadership Blog, and I enjoy making a difference in people’s careers every day! 

What motivates me in my business and personal life, is that I always want to achieve the most, turn the hardest challenges into moments of victory, and inspire others.  I’m insightful, creative, determined, and will stop at nothing until I get the results I want, in absolutely everything I do.  And I never settle.  While I have been told that I am a pretty intense person at work, I also love to laugh, attack a golf ball once in a while, and have a love-hate relationship with an intense 75-minute gym routine each day.  In fact, if I wasn’t writing and managing a business, I would probably be preparing for a run on American Ninja Warriors.   If I had to sum up all advice and suggestions into one thought that I felt would be the most helpful to the majority of people, it would be to “just do it”.  Set a goal, plan the steps you need to get there, make a list, check it off, and just put one foot in front of the other until you reach the goal.  It’s easy to procrastinate on challenges, but in order to achieve the results you want, you’ll need to grind through a few tough days to get there.  We hope that you can acquire some insight, support, or direction through our Executive Management and Leadership Blog.  I have the absolute confidence that you can and will arrive at your destination!

I invite you to contact me personally if you would like assistance reaching your goals. 

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Easiest Way To Block Ads

Are you tired of seeing advertisements when you are online?  Do you want to finally know the easiest way to block ads once and for all?

I’m not referring to pop up ads, but rather those little discrete advertisements that show up in the middle of a webpage you are reading.  They can appear anywhere on the page.

Have you noticed that if you do a search for “Top Running Shoes” on Google, that over the next few days anywhere you go on the internet, you suddenly see an advertisement somewhere on the page you are reading for running shoes.  This is a result of Google’s targeted selection of ads for you, depending on where you have been on the internet, and what you have searched.

There are a few different ways you can tackle getting these ads removed.

  • Sign in to various sites and select specific settings that state you do not want suggested marketing and content based on your search or shopping preference
  • You can adjust some settings on your browser
  • You can select any opt out functions

However, the easiest, and fastest way I have found to remove these ads is with AdBlock!  It’s free to download, but at the end they do ask you for a small contribution.  Don’t let that stop you.  A small token of appreciation will go well towards keeping the developers of AdBlock continually looking for ways to optimize the product.  AdBlock also gives you very specific control of all or some ads, per their website:

Adblock Plus is a tool that lets users block ads. Since ads fuel a lot of the content we enjoy for free online, finding common ground seemed to make sense. We asked our users about this and they overwhelmingly agreed.  So starting in 2011, in consultation with our users, we decided to propose a compromise. Because we share a vision with the majority of our users that not all ads are equally annoying, the Acceptable Ads initiative was created. It allows advertisers and publishers who have agreed to make ads that abide by user-generated criteria to be whitelisted. Users can support this less extreme version of ad blocking by allowing the Acceptable Ads option to remain enabled. To browse completely ad-free, users can disable the option.”

Now we can go back to getting work done, and being productive!


<b> LinkedIn Job Seeker Account Benefits – LinkedIn Job Seeker Playbook </b>

It’s finally here!  A PDF that explains the value of the Job Seeker account.  A must have reference for clients who truly wish to corner the market on candidacy.


Click Image to Download LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium Playbook

<b>Top 21 Executive Resume Mistakes and How to Fix Them </b>

You are an Executive, and you make brilliant choices for the companies you lead.  You take them through mergers and acquisitions, you reverse high turnover, and you lead the vision for their 15-year plan.  You are accomplished, esteemed, and you might even be the most interesting person in the world!  But does your resume reflect this stature and level of capability?

In my profession as an Executive Resume writer, I have the privilege of working with individuals who have impressive backgrounds.  True game-changers, visionaries, strategic partners, accountable for billion dollar initiatives, and salaries well-above $500K+.  How well do most of these resumes stack up against other notable candidates?  The majority fail to deliver on key objectives of a resume.

Here are the 21 most common errors and the approach you need to fix them.

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